Geology-Engineering IPM

   Heli Geology-Engineering IPM Service is an organic combination of Geology Analysis & Engineering Operation. Focusing on single well production enhancement, the Geology Analysis provides targeted & predictive research to constantly optimize the program of drilling andfracturing on different stage of reservoir development.

   The Engineering Operation is not simple accumulation of different product lines, but a integration of Heli downhole tools matrix and delicacy management of project. Based on the specific geology and engineering condition, a customized ROP improving program is proposed for each single project, maximizing the profit of client by reducing well construction period.

Complex Troubleshooting
The normal drilling can be recovered quickly when complex condition happened utilizing independent developed fishing tools.
To improve ROP, precise steering & cementing quality by applying Heli downhole tools matrix.

Technology Innovation

To control project cost by former international IPM team.

Cost Management

The most strictly certified system of drilling device maintenance guarantee the stable running of drilling rig.

Equipment Management

Contract Review

& Signing



Plan of Well Construction


& Economy Calculation

Rig Site Preparation

Equipment Mobilization



Rig up & Commiss-ioning

Drill Bit Customizat-ion

Drilling Motor Service


& ROP Improve

Drilling Fluid Service

Coring Service


& Cementing


& Test

Efficiency Analysis & Improvement

Equipment Demobiliz-ation

Drilling Waste





Hand Over

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