Downhole  Tools R&D, Manufacturing and Service

ROP Enhancement
Hole Enlargement While Drilling
Complex Fishing
Drilling Jar
Potential Tapping of Remaining Oil
LCM Treatment While Drilling
Coiled Tubing Operation
Casing Exit
HELI devotes to the independent R&D and import-substitution of downhole tools, delivering one-stop integrated solution for solving clients’ pain points

Precision Manufacturing / Assembly

?Matured manufacturing system of precision and complex surface
?Dimension chain guaranteed by the completed quality control system

3D Modeling / Analogue Simulation

?Senior R&D team covering mechanical, hydraulic, electric and communication
?The optimized boundary conditions to provide a more realistic environment

3D Modeling / Analogue Simulation

?Experienced application engineers deliver onsite instruction
?Dismantle,inspection & detection, assembly, test in workshop
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