Quality Control System

Heli has the most strict quality management system certified by API, making sure the whole process strictly in accordance with standard, including tearing down, inspection, remanufacture, assemble & test.
Welding Remanufacturing
The parts is processed with GTAW by computerized temperature & track control,
and will be post heat treated.
Clean & Inspection
All parts are degreased, cleaned, and sandblasted. Dimensional inspection, hardness test, NDT are performed.
Tearing Down
A customer ID is applied in our system when receiving BOP. After tearing down, all parts are marked with a job number.
The remanufacture process is performed for key position with CNC equipment to make sure OEM level quality.
Second Inspection
NDT and dimensional inspection is performed on components that were finish machined per OEM standard.
After all components have met acceptance criteria, they are assembled and tested, and prepared for shipping.
Once the plan determined, parts that are to be welded are programmed into the rough machining phase.
Rough Machining
Precise Machining
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